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Radiographic Assessment of Peri-implant Bone Level – A Comparative Study of Digital Intraoral and Digital Panoramic RadiographyRadiografska procena kosti oko zubnih implantata – studija poređenja digitalne intraoralne radiografije i digitalne ortopantomografije
Serbian Dental Journal, ORIGINAL ARTICLE [pdf]Stomatološki Glasnik Srbije, ORIGINALNI RAD [pdf]
ID: 4.2015.3.2 Number: 3 Volume: 62 Month: 9 Year: 2015 UDC: 616.31-073 [tmx] [bow]
Ishita Gupta
Institution: Oral Medicine and Radiology, South Australia
Ishita Gupta
Institucija: Oralna medicina i radiologija, Južna Australija
Astha Chaudhry
Institution: Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SGT University, Budhera, Distt. Gurgaon (Haryana), India
Astha Chaudhry
Institucija: Katedra za oralnu medicinu i radiologiju, Fakultet stomatoloških nauka, Univerzitet SGT, Budera, Distrikt Gurgaon (Harjana), Indija
Solanki Savita
Institution: Department of Preventive & Community Dentistry, PDM Dental College and Hospital, Distt. Gurgaon (Haryana), India
Solanki Savita
Institucija: Katedra za preventivnu i opštu stomatologiju, Stomatološki koledž i bolnica PDM, Distrikt Gurgaon (Harjana), Indija
Arvind Shetti
Institution: Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, K.L.E. Vishwanath Katti Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum, Karnataka, India
Arvind Shetti
Institucija: Katedra za oralnu medicinu i radiologiju, Institut stomatoloških nauka „K. L. E. Višvanat Kati“, Belgaum, Karnataka, Indija
Introduction The objective of this study was to compare two radiographic methods – digital intraoral and digital panoramic radiography in assessing marginal bone level around dental implants. The study also evaluated inter-observer and intra-observer reliability during repeated assessments. Material and Methods Marginal bone around 29 implants in 17 patients was assessed using standardized digital intraoral and digital panoramic radiographs. Two observers evaluated bone level by noting the thread at which marginal bone seemed to be attached at distal and mesial surfaces of the implants. The assessments were repeated after one week. Kappa statistics was used to evaluate agreement between assessments, observers, and radiographical methods. Results The agreement rate between digital intraoral and digital panoramic radiography was fair. Intra-observer agreement was very good, while inter-observer agreement was moderate. Conclusion Digital panoramic radiographs can be used to evaluate marginal bone level in patients with multiple implants and also to supplement intraoral radiographs. However, observer variability should be considered when comparing values from follow up studies for implant maintenance.
Uvod Cilj ra­da je bio da se upo­re­de dve ra­di­o­graf­ske me­to­de – di­gi­tal­na in­tra­o­ral­na ra­di­o­gra­fi­ja i di­gi­tal­na or­to­pan­to­mo­gra­fi­ja u pro­ce­ni ko­sti oko den­tal­nih im­plan­ta­ta. Upo­re­đi­va­na je i sa­gla­snost is­tra­ži­va­ča pri­li­kom pro­ce­ne, i to jed­nog is­tra­ži­va­ča u po­no­vlje­nim me­re­nji­ma, kao i dva raz­li­či­ta is­tra­ži­va­ča. Ma­te­ri­jal i me­to­de ra­da Pri­me­nom stan­dar­di­zo­va­ne di­gi­tal­ne in­tra­o­ral­ne ra­di­o­gra­fi­je i di­gi­tal­ne or­to­pan­to­mo­gra­fi­je pro­ce­nje­na je mar­gi­nal­na kost oko 29 im­plan­ta­ta kod 17 pa­ci­je­na­ta. Dva is­tra­ži­va­ča su oce­nji­va­la ni­vo ko­sti pro­ce­nju­ju­ći mar­gi­nal­nu kost ko­ja je pri­po­je­na na me­zi­jal­noj i dis­tal­noj po­vr­ši­ni im­plan­ta­ta. Me­re­nje je po­no­vlje­no na­kon ne­de­lju da­na. Za pro­ce­nu sa­gla­sno­sti iz­me­đu me­re­nja, is­tra­ži­va­ča i me­to­de ra­di­o­gra­fi­je ko­ri­šće­na je ka­pa sta­ti­sti­ka. Re­zul­ta­ti Uoče­na je do­bra sa­gla­snost iz­me­đu di­gi­tal­ne in­tra­o­ral­ne ra­di­o­gra­fi­je i di­gi­tal­ne or­to­pan­to­mo­gra­fi­je. Ta­ko­đe, sa­gla­snost iz­me­đu po­no­vlje­nih me­re­nja istog is­tra­ži­va­ča bi­la je vr­lo do­bra, dok je sa­gla­snost me­re­nja raz­li­či­tih is­tra­ži­va­ča bi­la ume­re­na. Za­klju­čak Di­gi­tal­na or­to­pan­to­mo­gra­fi­ja mo­že se ko­ri­sti­ti za pro­ce­nu mar­gi­nal­ne ko­sti kod vi­še den­tal­nih im­plan­ta­ta i kao do­pu­na in­tra­o­ral­noj ra­di­o­gra­fi­ji. Me­đu­tim, tre­ba uze­ti u ob­zir va­ri­ja­bil­nost is­tra­ži­va­ča ka­da se upo­re­đu­ju me­re­nja u raz­li­či­tom pe­ri­o­du.
Keywords: dental implants; intraoral radiographs; marginal bone; panoramic radiographs; peri-implant bone level; observer agreementKljučne reči: den­tal­ni im­plan­ta­ti; in­tra­o­ral­na ra­di­o­gra­fi­ja; mar­gi­nal­na kost; or­to­pan­to­mo­gra­fi­ja; ni­vo pe­ri­im­plan­tant­ne ko­sti; sla­ga­nje is­tra­ži­va­ča
Pages: 117-121Strane: 117-121